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Behaviour at cycle Advanced Stop Lines

This research study examined the behaviour of road users at Cycle Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs). ASLs are primarily a measure designed to increase cyclists’ safety by allowing cycle users to move away from traffic signals slightly in advance of motorised traffic. ASL facilities provide a second stop line in advance of the regular line. Between the two lines is an area (ASL reservoir) which is reserved for cyclists. This reservoir is sometimes surfaced with a coloured material. ASLs are legally accessed by cyclists via a feeder lane, which may be located at kerbside or centrally within the carriageway. The objective of the study was to obtain quantitative information on the behaviour of cyclists and other road users where there are Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs).

Author D Allen, S Bygrave, H Harper Pages 97
Date 18/07/2007 Reference PPR240
ISBN 978-1-84608-837-7 ISSN 0968-4093

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