Working in partnership with MRC, one of Canada's leading transportation and engineering consultancies, TRL helped implement the City of St. John's Cycling Master Plan.

75 km of cycle routes
population in St John’s

The challenge

The Master Plan identified around 75km of bicycle routes in the district: off-road trail routes, paved shoulders, on-street cycle lanes and routes with signage only. During the work it became clear that many of the proposed roadways were inappropriate for cyclists. The team needed to make sure its routes would not endanger cyclists. where a safety problem was identified, that reasonable countermeasures could be developed.

Our approach

We used a modified CERS (Cycling Environment Review System) methodology, tailored to Canadian design standards and needs. It gave an independent assessment of the proposed routes and helped develop a plan for a safe and coherent cycling network. Priority routes linked urban centres, residential areas, education establishments and other key destinations.

The results

The final report fed into the strategic design process for improving cycling conditions in the City of St John's. The local administration was able to invest confidently in a properly planned and safe network as part of its comprehensive shift towards greener travel.

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