The purpose of this project is to coordinate the collection and analysis of data from eight real world V2G demonstration projects funded by Innovate UK in order to evaluate their costs and benefits and understand their commercial feasibility. Each demonstration will collect data and perform their own analysis. This project will collect 12 month data from up to 2700 vehicles from eight demonstrators and associated infrastructure. 

The main tasks in this project are:

  • Designing an evaluation methodology that defines the research questions that need to be considered in order to meet the project’s objectives; and the metrics and analysis methods that will be required to answer those questions.
  • Agreeing a list of data to be collected from each V2G demonstration project.
  • Collection of agreed data from vehicles, infrastructure and users for 12 months.
  • Processing and analysis of data and comparison of results between projects.
  • Production of  interim/mid-term and final reports.
  • Facilitation of  dissemination activities such as workshops, events, websites, case studies etc.

The main objective of this project is to understand the benefits, impacts and user perception of V2G. The data will enable Innovate UK to measure and understand the impact of the demonstrator projects using a consistent data set across all demonstrator projects. It will help evidence the success of the Vehicle to Grid competition.

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