The objective of the work was to recommend a methodology for evaluating the proposed Autoguide route guidance system, which was due to be piloted in London in 1990. Particular emphasis was to be placed on the opportunities for a comparative assessment of the London pilot and that of the technically similar LISB system pilot in Berlin which was due to commence in the summer of 1988. The main report is in two parts. The first part covers policy-related issues and the factors to be incorporated in a technical evaluation (Chapter 2), the potential for considering these factors in Berlin (Chapter 3) and London (Chapter 4), and policy conclusions (Chapter 5). The second part presents technical proposals for evaluation procedures including possible information sources (Chapter 6), information requirements for predicting the effects of a full scale system (Chapter 7) and experimental design (Chapter 8). Chapters 9-12 consider in detail each of the main information sources. Chapter 13 considers priorities and presents cost estimates and Chapter 14 presents the technical conclusions. See also IRRD 820242 and 820243.

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