A national questionnaire survey of motorcyclists has been carried out in order to assess the effects on motorcyclists' accident liability of individual characteristics such as age, sex, experience, 'exposure' (distances travelled and types of road travelled on), tests passed, and motorcycle engine size. Details of these characteristics and of the respondent's recent involvement in both injury and non-injury accidents were obtained from 6245 current riders. The report presents a detailed univariate analysis of the results obtained which demonstrates the effects of individual variables, particularly age, experience, exposure and engine size, on accident liability. It also summarises the details of the 1395 accidents reported in terms of what was involved, who was injured, severity of vehicle damage and personal injury, and whether or not the accident was reported to the police. (A) For a related report interpreting this data, see TRRL report RR 270 (IRRD 832455).

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