In this study an investigation was made of the use made by cyclists of pedestrian crossings and shared cycle and pedestrian crossings at urban sites in Bristol, Swindon, Cambridge, Reading, Peterborough, York, Derby and Sheffield. 41 sites were selected in the first stage, and 13 were selected for detailed study, which had high levels of both cycle and pedestrian use as well as periods of moderate use. Each site was filmed by video from a high level survey platform. The main types of crossing considered were: zebra, pelican, toucan crossings and the parallel cycle/ pedestrian crossing based on the layout given in the Department of Transport's Local Transport Note 1/86 (see IRRD no 292648). Flow data and accident data is given in the report and and analysis of delays at the various types of crossing. On the basis of the results it is recommended that a new crossing based on the standard Pelican layout be adopted, with minor modifications.

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