In order to examine the effect of road unevenness on the dynamic loading applied to a pavement, the Transport Operations Group (TORG) at the University of Newcastle, supported by funding from West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council and Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), and in collaboration with the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) have established a test laboratory within a private haul road. Resistance-foil strain gauges have been located at the under-side of the road base to measure the transient horizontal radial strain at 0.5m centres under each of the two wheel-tracks as vehicles travel over the 30m test section. Each of the strain gauges was calibrated using an instrumented 2-axle, 16 tonne, heavy goods vehicle. The calibrated strain gauges were then used to monitor the dynamic loading characteristics of two large Dump Trucks used on the site. Relationships were developed between the dynamic load coefficient, road unevenness and speed for each of the axles on the test vehicles.

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