This document applies to reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls, with spread foundations and forming bridge abutment sub structures with wing walls. A range of typical cross-sections and a typical wing-wall arrangement are given. This document is to be read in conjunction with Departmental Standard BD 21/84 entitled "The Assessment of Highway Bridges and Structures" and the Department of Transport Specifications for Highway Works (see IRRD 803111) published in 1986. The objective of this document is to set out the criteria under which the safety and reliability of the structure must be assessed. Some criteria can be met only by adhering to particular rules, or by means of a specific calculation, references to which will appear in the report. Other criteria can be met in a number of ways, and the selection of the most appropriate demonstration is left to the designer. A separate report published as Contractor Report CR 270 (see IRRD 842516) by the same author providing details of methods of geotechnical stress analysis has been prepared to accompany this document. Other well-established methods of calculation may also be used, and a short bibliography is included.

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