The UK Co-ordinator to the United States Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) has been located in the SHRP office in Washington DC while the first phase of the project, the awarding of research contracts, has been to a large extent completed. The UK Co-ordinator will now monitor the progress made in the projects and this report provides a comprehensive reference to the research contracts and their products in the five principal areas: asphalt; concrete and structures; highways operations; long-term pavement performance; and SHRP-IDEA (innovation deserving exploratory analysis). A complete list of contracts awarded to date, summaries of the terms of reference of the projects and the names and affiliations of the Principal Investigators are given. A schedule of the main outputs and reports associated with each contract is also included. This is the second report on this topic and it provides a comprehensive updating on developments in the SHRP program. The first report is published as Contractor Report CR 216 (see IRRD 832456). The UK Co-ordinator is appointed by the Department of Transport acting in conjunction with the Science and Engineering Research Council.

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