Environmental effects of new trunk roads are assessed using the Department of Transport's Manual of Environmental Appraisal (MEA). The MEA uses a descriptive 'framework' approach in which impacts such as noise, air pollution and community severance are forecast as they will affect occupiers of property, visitors to the area and other groups. No attempt is made to attach money values to the environmental impacts in the MEA - this follows recommendations of the Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Assessment (SACTRA 1979). Techniques for placing money values on environmental effects have developed since 1979 and TRRL is re-examining the possibility of being able to use such values in the environmental appraisal of trunk roads. The work forms part of the Department of Transport's continuing efforts to develop and improve its appraisal methods. As a first stage, TRRL placed a contract with Rendel Planning and the Environmental Appraisal Group, University of East Anglia. The consultants were asked to review critically the current state of the art in obtaining money values for environmental effects. They were also to consider the issues that would arise from the use of such values in environmental appraisals, and to compare the money valuation approach with other methods of environmental appraisal. This report is a condensed version of the contractors' final report to TRRL.

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