This best practice guide involved a study of existing bridge parapet forms that have passed the necessary approvals for various conditions and locations in the UK. Parapets are situated at the edge of the deck to provide containment, a position where they have a great impact on the appearance of the bridge. If a bridge is to succeed visually the aesthetic implications of the parapet construction should be considered at the initial stage of the design of the structure. This requirement is recognised by those responsible for designing bridges but is often not reflected in the finished structure. The guide is intended to be used in two ways: firstly to provide information on the types of parapet available for use in particular situations, and secondly to give examples of good parapet design and detailing and general advice on improving parapet appearance. The document includes discussion and guidance covering, parapet design and analysis, construction and appearance of currently accepted parapets, methods of improving standard parapets, best practice in parapet design and future developments.

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