This report describes a series of 50 km/hr frontal impact tests carried out in an estate car body shell on the TRRL impact test rig. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of a rear unrestrained adult passenger on a restrained front seat occupant and to estimate the magnitude of any effect. Eight crash tests are reported in three configurations: (1) Both front and rear dummies restrained. (2) Front dummy restrained and rear dummy unrestrained. (3) Both front and rear dummies unrestrained. A single test in which both dummies were restrained and an additional load was present behind the rear seat is also reported. The importance of occupant restraint is clearly demonstrated. The tests suggests that the risk of chest injury to a front restrained occupant is nearly doubled when an unrestrained adult rear seat occupant is present. The effect of the luggage on the restrained rear passengers is shown and this indicates the need for adequate luggage restraint.

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