Air photographs can play an important part in the investigation of engineering sites because they provide an overall view which can reveal surface features, ground conditions, and evidence of past use and natural changes which may be of importance in site development. Historical series of available air photographs can often allow the history of past use and natural change to be followed in detail over the last 35 years or more. The Report reviews the availability of air photographs and gives details of some 20 major sources and collections for the UK. The interpretation of air photographs is discussed, and illustrated by two case studies in which historical series of available photographs allowed the construction and demolition of brick works, the excavation and filling of clay pits, and the progress of opencast mining and restoration to be followed in detail. In addition, examples are given of the successful use of air photographs in the investigation of a wide range of engineering problems. The similar use that can be made of ground-based photographs is also mentioned.(A)

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