current design standards for road pavements in britian were derived from systematic observation of the performance of experimental sections laid on public roads carrying known intensities of traffic. in recent years a substantial programme of research has also been proceeding at trrl to acquire a more fundamental and numerical knowledge of the behaviour of road-making materials and pavements. this paper reviews the progress of this research and indicates its future direction. areas covered include pavement design requirements and failure criteria; traffic loads; pavement temperatures; calculation of stress, strain and deflection and comparison with measured values; the effects of repeated loading on the fatigue and deformation of bound and unbound materials and soils; and the results of pilot and full-scale experiments. substantial progress has been made in several areas, particularly in establishing the conditions for which linear elastic theory is adequate, and in understanding the effects of repeated loading on the fatigue cracking and loss of dynamic modulus of bituminous materials. (a)

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