cornering and braking tests have been carried out on a range of lorry tyres designed for different purposes and having different tread patterns. the main findings were:- (1) on wet smooth looking polished surfaces substantial differences in performance were observed, the order of merit from both types of test being:- (i) highway service tyres, (ii) dual purpose tyres, (iii) cross country. (2) as expected all the patterned lorry tyres gave better cornering and braking than smooth lorry tyres but none gave as good braking as a typical patterned car tyre, particularly for the peak braking coefficients on the wet mastic asphalt surface where the car tyre produced a 2:1 improvement compared with the best results from the patterned lorry tyres. (the comparison was not made in respect of cornering). (3) it is thought that the differences noted in (1) and (2) arise mainly from differences in tread pattern. although no comparisons were made on high coefficient surfaces, it can be expected that the differences in performance between the different tyres would be less. (a)

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