this report describes a theoretical investigation into the fatigue behaviour of rolled asphalt road-bases when subjected to a range of road temperatures that occurs in the british climate. the pavement considered in the analysis conformed to the recommendations of road note 29. the elastic and fatigue behaviour of the material was characterised by uniaxial sinusoidal stress tests. the relative fatigue behaviour of the road is related to that in the tests on two bases; (a) the total tensile strain, and (b) the strain produced directly as a result of the tensile stress. the bottom of the road-base is shown to be most vulnerable to fatigue damage at certain temperatures which depend upon the modular ratio between the road-base and sub-base. if this modular ratio falls below unity the maximum total tensile strain no longer occurs at the bottom of the road-base but at some point higher in the road structure where the stresses are wholly compressive. the effects of varying the thickness of the bound layers, of changing the sub-base moduli, and the significance of temperature gradients are also considered. (a)

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