the use of belt-conveyors for earthmoving in road construction can result in the reduction of earthwork costs. a full-scale trial of a belt-conveyor system has shown that they can also provide a substantial improvement to the environment during the earthmoving phase by reducing noise and dust, mud on the roads, and delays to existing traffic. this report describes a method of quantifying part of this environmental advantage by the use of an index, pandle, the magnitude of which can provide an indication of the level of disturbance that would be caused by the noise and dust arising from earthmoving operations with scrapers and dump trucks. pandle uses the product of the number of dwellings bordering the site and the volume of material to be transported past those dwellings. it has been verified by correlation with the number of complaints made by local residents about the noise and dust during the earthmoving operations of conventional plant on four major road sites. pandle is proposed as a means of identifying sites where the employment of belt-conveyor systems to carry out the earthmoving could show the greatest environmental benefits. (a)

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