an axle-load survey was carried out on the ankara - instanbul expressway in turkey in april 1975. the objects of this survey were to train a turkish team to carry out axle-load surveys, to determine the traffic and axle loading on this route which contains a bituminous surfacing experiment undertaken by the turkish highway authority in cooperation with the transport and road research laboratory and to improve knowledge of the axle-load distribution of vehicle populations in different countries. initially a five-day 24-hour continuous manual traffic count was carried out to determine the numbers and classification of vehicles using the road. traffic in each direction was then sampled and weighed, using the trrl portable weighbridge, for 24 hours a day for five days. the results of the survey showed that the average daily traffic on this road was 14500, one-third of which consisted of trucks. the mean equivalence factor was 1.4 standard axles per vehicle in the ankara direction and 1.2 in the instanbul direction, but there was some evidence to suggest that the true figure for the ankara direction could be as high as 2.0. approximately one-third of the vehicles weighed had axle loads in excess of the legal limit of 8.2 tonnes and it is estimated that these do about 85 per cent of the damage to the road pavement. the mean damage per tonne of payload carried compares favourably with that found in other countries in which the laboratory has carried out surveys.(a)

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