in 1975 the laboratory monitored the use of a unique countryside experiment - dales rail - undertaken by the yorkshire dales national park committee. this involved the re-opening of five disused stations between settle and appleby for charter train services and providing connecting buses on six weekends between may and september, for the first time in 1975 and for two subsequent years. in order to assess people's attitudes to the service, trrl carried out four questionnaire surveys on two weekends, one when the service was operating and the other when it was not. the surveys sought responses of drivers of cars that were parked in the area, walkers and rail passengers travelling into or out of the dales. from an analysis of respondents' attitudes it seemed that dales rail was going some way towards meeting a transport demand both from those who have no alternative form of transport and from those who prefer to leave their cars at home. the attitudes of people using the service to travel out of the dales suggested a social need for a service of this type.(a)

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