the movements of goods vehicles in a number of towns have been studied in order to evaluate the costs and benefits of possible measures to reduce the environmental disturbances caused by these vehicles. this report, the last in a series of three, gives the results of assessments of the effects of a further type of lorry control and of proposed new roads in hull. the controls studied are a designated route network and 'no entry except for access' restrictions on two control areas used in conjunction with the proposed new roads. the introduction of the designated lorry route considered would result in some net environmental gains, but at relatively high cost and with the drawback of increased nuisance on most of the designated roads. the proposed new roads would significantly reduce environmental nuisance in hull and would also reduce goods vehicle operating costs and congestion costs. 'no entry except for access' controls used in conjunction with the proposed new roads would not give further improvements in the case of a small central area, but would provide small additional environmental gains, at relatively high cost, in the case of a larger area. the report includes a summary of the results of the complete hull freight study.(a)

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