leaflets giving travel information were needed for use in a further experiment on the generation of passenger traffic on an existing group of public transport services. the group comprised all buses and trains serving an urban area. the requirements to be met by the leaflet were investigated and are set out in detail in the report. one requirement was that they should fit into standard display cases at bus stops in the area. the ways in which this and other requirements dictated the design of the leaflet are discussed. production costs are indicated, and the methods adopted for free distribution are described and are shown to have been successful. after issue of the travel information, a survey was made to assess the comprehensibility of various features incorporated in the leaflet. the numerical and statistical results of the survey are given in detail, and conclusions are drawn from these and from previous survey results. details of the effect of the information dissemination on traffic levels and modal choice are given in a companion report, lr 991.(a)

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