This manual provides traffic engineers with a guide to simple, reliable traffic survey techniques, suitable for urban road traffic in developing countries. It covers surveys for urban
traffic engineering, but does not cover road safety or transport planning. Public transport surveys are described in Overseas Road Note No 4 (TRRL, 1987) and road safety issues in TRRL (1990).
The manual consists of three parts: in chapter 2 general issues concerning traffic surveys are discussed; chapters 3 to 10 each describe a specific survey, and the appendices contain
detailed instructions and survey forms for supervisors and surveyors. While the manual is written for the left-hand rule of the road, it can be used in countries which drive on the right,
though the diagrams will need to be transposed and the accompanying text interpreted accordingly. The surveys described in the manual are considered
sufficiently robust for use in most urban situations, though it may be necessary for some small modifications to meet specific local needs and conditions. Account must be taken of
any existing government guidelines and legal requirements which concern, or could have an impact on, the implementation of traffic surveys.

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