There are currently no EU regulations specifically designed to control non-exhaust emissions of particulate matter (PM) from road vehicles, such as those arising from tyre wear, brake wear, road surface wear and the resuspension of material previously deposited on the road surface. As exhaust emission control technology improves and traffic levels increase, the proportion of total PM emissions originating from uncontrolled non-exhaust sources will increase. Furthermore, the data relating to the emission rates, physical properties, chemical characteristics, and health impacts of non-exhaust particles are highly uncertain. TRL Limited, Birmingham University and Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants Limited were commissioned by DEFRA to develop improved prediction methods for non-exhaust PM, based on existing data, primarily for use in the UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI). This Report presents the findings of an initial literature review. It summarises the available information on emissions from non-exhaust sources, including the measurement and modelling methodologies currently used, and provides general recommendations for further model development.

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