When a wheel becomes detached from a heavy vehicle it may simply come to rest without causing any further damage or harm. However, in the wrong circumstances, it can collide with other vehicles or road users and cause an accident and, in some cases, this has resulted in fatalities.
This report describes the work undertaken and the results and conclusions from a study, commissioned by the UK Department for Transport, to quantify the current frequency of wheel fixing problems and to assess current practices within the industry in order to assess whether the previous advice has had a beneficial effect and to identify new action that could be taken to reduce the scale of the problem.
The project involved a survey run by VOSA and ACPO to investigate the current frequency of wheel fixing problems in the UK, a survey of heavy vehicle drivers, operators and manufacturers to gain their views and perceptions, a review of current standards related to wheel fixings and procedures for wheel nut tightening, a study of existing sources of data on wheel fixing problems and an assessment of the scale of the problem in the EU.

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