Among the properties in the mandate for the harmonised European standards for both bitumen and asphalt are adhesion and durability. Both these properties are difficult to measure because the adhesion and durability of the bitumen is affected by the asphalt mixture in which it is used and vice versa. Therefore, an ad-hoc group was set up jointly by CEN TC227/WG1 and TC336/WG1 on adhesion and durability whose goal is to come up with a recommendation for test methods both to characterise bituminous binders with regards to binder adhesivity to aggregate and the durability of this adhesitivity after ageing/with time and to characterise the durability of adhesion and cohesion in hot bituminous mixtures. The Highways Agency funded a programme of laboratory tests to support the ad-hoc group that incorporated variants of the saturation ageing tensile stiffness (SATS) procedure in order to try to measure the durability of adhesion and cohesion in the asphalt mixtures. This report gives the findings of that programme together with the main conclusions that can be drawn from it.

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