TRL Limited was commissioned by Transport for London (TfL) to undertake a review of the noise impacts from the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) which limits the use of large goods vehicles over 18 tonnes within London and is administered by London Councils. The report addresses all three Phases of the Project, as follows:
Phase 1: An initial review of possible options for amendments to the LLCS, including possible revisions to the Exempt Road Network(ERN), more rigorous enforcement of the LLCS and changes to individual vehicles. The results from this Phase identified the best option as being to focus on the identification and controlling the operation of ‘quiet’ goods vehicles.
Phase 2: Development of an in-service, standardised noise test that if applied would identify quiet large goods vehicles.
Phase 3: Consideration of the requirements for an upgraded electronic noise map of London based on sleep disturbance and a noise sensitive traffic routing tool.
The final recommendations from the study were for the introduction of a voluntary ‘London in-service noise test’ for vehicles above 18 tonnes operating in London and currently already registered under the LLCS. The test would include noise measurements when stationary and pulling away from rest. Vehicles passing the test would be awarded a ‘Reduced Noise Certificate’ which would potentially allow a wider scope of operations than permitted under the current LLCS.

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