This Report presents the findings of the European Commission fifth framework project, ARTEMIS (Assessment and Reliability of Transport Emission Models and Inventory Systems) and describes the resulting inventory model. The ARTEMIS programme built upon the earlier recommendations arising from the fourth framework project MEET and Cost Action 319. It provides a summary of the research investigations undertaken within the ARTEMIS programme, and includes links where appropriate, to interactions with COST Actions (particularly COST Action 346) and national emission measurement and modelling programmes. The ARTEMIS project commenced in 2000, and had two principal objectives. The first of these was to gain, through a programme of basic research, a better understanding of the causes of the differences in model predictions, and thus to address the uncertainties in emission modelling. The project included a large emission measurement programme, designed to provide a significant extension to the available databases. For road transport, measurements conducted in many laboratories around Europe were used to examine the reasons for variability in the data, and to form the basis of a ‘best practice’ guide for future measurements. The second principal objective was to develop a harmonised methodology for estimating emissions from all transport modes at the national and international levels.

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