This report presents the work done in Task 1 of the FACITS project of an initial classification scheme for ITS applications and functions. The classification scheme is intended to provide an indication, on a common scale, of the required amount of effort that should be expended on each component part of the design, in order to ensure the system is sufficiently robust. FACITS, which stands for Framework Architecture and Classification for Intelligent Transportation Systems, was a UK 8-month collaborative research project from July 2008 to March 2009. The FACITS Process is effectively an ITS risk management procedure to be applied at the initial development phase for ITS applications. The main theme of the project was integrity of data from source to consumption. FACITS was developed primarily under the context of facilitating the integration of ITS applications. However, it has also been shown to be beneficial regardless of integration, providing: confidence in ITS systems developed; a method for determining the required data integrity from a number of stakeholder viewpoints; common terminology, which is understood across the various domains involved in ITS. This report presents a methodology for the proposed initial classification scheme, which consists of an ITS Risk Assessment of the consequences of threats and vulnerabilities. This is based on determining qualitative levels of severity and frequency to determine an inherent risk score and a “Data Integrity Level” (DIL). This report also contains a review of relevant existing standards and approaches, which have been incorporated where applicable.

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