The whole of Oxford has been declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) and a city-wide Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) is required. Oxford is also currently developing a city-wide ‘Low-Emission Strategy’ to consider further options for integrating local policies, particularly those relating to transport planning and air quality.
The evidence suggests that reductions in emissions will be required for compliance with air quality objectives. Road traffic is an important source of air pollution in the city, and is therefore being targeted. Moreover, the Council is concerned that air pollution models are underestimating concentrations, and that deficiencies in the modelling of traffic and emissions are partly responsible. The more detailed and accurate estimation of emissions from road traffic (and also ambient concentrations) is necessary for the formulation of effective policies and measures for reducing air pollution in Oxford.
The City Council has commissioned TRL to define the scope of a city-wide emissions model for road traffic, and to provide some recommendations to aid its development. Options for the development of the city-wide model framework are presented and grouped according to indicative cost.

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