The current practical motorcycle test in Great Britain is modular, with the first of two modules testing candidates’ ability to control their motorcycle in an off-road area during a series of low and higher speed manoeuvres. Concerns have been expressed about the accessibility of the module 1 test (especially for candidates who are not within easy reach of one of the 56 test centres, or one of a number of casual sites, equipped with an off-road manoeuvring area) and also the safety of some of the current module 1 manoeuvres. In June 2010, the Road Safety Minister announced a review of the practical motorcycle test, with the aim of devising a single-event test that is carried out on the road as far as possible. This study assesses the feasibility and safety of carrying out a revised set of manoeuvres on-road. Off-road locations were ‘mocked up’ to resemble real roads (the centre line and kerb lines were marked to create a ‘mock road’ environment) and current learners were recruited to ride through the existing module 1 manoeuvres and a revised set of manoeuvres proposed for on-road testing. Direct comparisons were drawn between the two sets of manoeuvres. Off-road locations were used to minimise the safety risks. Further Phases of research are considered necessary (trials on live roads using experienced riders first—Phase 2—and then using learner riders—Phase 3 [PPR659 and PPR659a ).

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