In the light of recent work in Europe, Transport Scotland (TS) working with the Highways Agency (HA), now Highways England at the time of report publishing, and the National Winter Service Research Group (NWSRG), have promoted an initiative to further investigate the potential merit of using brine on the Scottish and English trunk road networks. The NWSRG is responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating winter service research and providing guidance relevant for all roads in the UK. Both Transport Scotland and the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS) as well as Highways England (formerly Highways Agency) are represented on the NWSRG.
The purpose of this study was to examine the longevity of salt spread on the trunk road and motorway networks operated by Transport Scotland and the HA. This was achieved by carrying out trials in conditions of humidity and temperature representing road surface states close to freezing. The trials were not designed to measure the effectiveness of treatment rates; such work could form part of a further set of trials if the results of this work showed benefits in using brine as compared to pre-wet salting treatments.

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