The safety performance of roadworks is monitored periodically by the Department of Transport (DOT). The Transport Research Laboratory, acting on behalf of the DOT has conducted investigations in recent years into the accident risk at roadworks on motorways (1987), on all-purpose single carriageway roads (1989) and on all-purpose dual carriageways (1993). This Report presents the results of the latest review of roadwork layouts on D3 motorways. Accidents and traffic data, together with layout and scheme details, were collected from a sample of 22 major maintenance sites, comprising 106 traffic management phases. The majority of analysis was performed on a comparison of the with roadworks period to a Three Year Averaged Equivalent Works Period. This definition of the base (without works) is aimed at taking account of the fluctuations in the Underlying True Accident Rate and giving a greater level of confidence in the results of the study. The work described in this Report forms part of a Network General and Maintenance 3, DOT funded research programme conducted by Halcrow Fox under contract to the Transport Research Laboratory.

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