The East Sussex Co-ordinated Rural Transport project (ESCORT) was established to test the concept of co-ordinating the different forms of transport that receive public funding, with the aims of reducing expenditure and improving services. This report discusses the first year of operation of the various schemes introduced under the project. It covers operational aspects, changes in patronage and the views of passengers. In addition an assessment is made from a financial viewpoint, to determine how costs have changed as a result of co-ordination. In their first year the schemes, as a result of co-ordination, reduced operating costs by 6 per cent. However, when additional overheads were included it is estimated that public expenditure had marginally increased. From an examination of the finances of the second year of operation of the longest running scheme it was found that there was an improvement in operating costs compared with the first year. If similar improvements in operating costs were to occur in subsequent years for the other schemes then an overall saving is likely to accrue. Overall the project has led to an improved level of transport provision in the area. After some refinements all services operate satisfactorily. The services have been generally popular with users.

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