The interface between the National Motorway Communication System and motorway drivers consists of the motorway signals and the emergency telephones. Although changes have been made to the system, both the signals and the telephones have remained, from the drivers points of view, essentially unchanged for 15 years. The surveys described in this report were carried out to determine whether changes in levels of provision or design were necessary. The surveys carried out were: - an investigation of the frequency of setting signals and the number of calls from the motorway emergency telephones; - two public attitude surveys in which drivers contacted in their homes were asked about their attitudes to and experience of both the signals and the emergency telephones; - a postal questionnaire survey of drivers seen stopped on motorway hardshoulders. The surveys revealed some areas where drivers thought improvements were required. Among these were: - better control of the signals so that they were switched on when necessary and switched off when no longer needed; - improved clarity of voice transmission over the telephones, and reduced unwanted noise; - shortened waiting time after having telephoned for assistance.

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