The report describes the changes in the provision of local bus services which took place in West Yorkshire when the 1985 Transport Act ('deregulation') was implemented in October 1986, and during the first year thereafter. The report is the result of a joint monitoring exercise carried out by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory and the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. The effects of the 1985 Transport Act in West Yorkshire can be summarised as follows. The main network of services was maintained. Direct competition occurred only to a limited extent. Fares were virtually unchanged, and frequencies on some major corridors and inter-urban routes were increased. Many services were converted to minibuses. Patronage fell initially, but a year after deregulation had recovered to its previous level. There was no material reduction in public expenditure on transport. The report describes the bus services in West Yorkshire, and details the effects of the Act on the bus operators, on the Passenger Transport Authority and Executive, and on the passengers. The extent to which the Government's objectives have been achieved in West Yorkshire are examined.

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