The Cooperative Crash Injury Study database at TRRL is now of sufficient size to justify an overview and more detailed analysis of specific topics. Sampling has been carried out for the years 1983-1988 and a total of 3344 accidents including 3707 vehicles and 6244 occupants are available for analysis. The vehicles selected were under six years of age at the time of the accident and accidents were sampled according to the severity of the most seriously injured occupant in one of these vehicles. This report presents much of the background which must be considered before the data can be used to answer further detailed questions. Tables are presented showing the source, impact type, year and object struck. The proportions in the sample are compared on a model basis with the vehicle fleet population from which the accidents are sampled. Comparisons are made with the most suitable national accident statistics (Stats 19) with particular reference to seatbelt use and to the severity of impacts with other vehicles. To illustrate use of the database, two topics are analysed in more detail. They are entrapment in a vehicle and ejection from it after car collisions.

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