The Sinclair C5 has been designed to meet the new regulations which eased the legal operating requirements for electrically assisted pedal bicycles and tricycles. The present report discusses an assessment of the likely accident rate for the C5 on public roads and attempts to relate this to the rate for pedal cycles. It is not yet possible to reliably assess the rate from actual accidents and so factors contributing to the most important accident situations are studied. Conspicuity during daylight seems to be comparable to that of pedal cycles when there is a clear view of the C5, but problems arise from its low height. Braking is good once the brakes are bedded-in. Stability and handling appear to be adequate and the consequences of rolling it over are probably less serious than from falling off a pedal cycle. Operating considerations and the protection offered by the C5 are both briefly discussed. It is concluded that the accident rate of C5's might be similar to that for pedal cycles, although accident and injury circumstances may be very different. (A)

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