The two main objectives of the Swindon study are to obtain (1) information on the flows of commodities and goods vehicles in the town, and (2) a computer model to predict some of the likely effects of possible measures to control goods vehicle movements. The design and development of the computer model and the data collection have been carried out by Atkins Planning. The computer model is now in the final stages of development. A more detailed picture of the flows of commodities and goods vehicles in a British town has been obtained than has hitherto been available. Information has also been obtained from a sample of 52 vehicle operators about the operating strategies they would adopt if faced by various possible control measures. data of both types, together with data on costs etc, will be used with the model to predict how various possible measures to control the operations of goods vehicles are likely to affect (a) flows of goods vehicles, (b) distribution costs, (c) the quality of the environment, and (d) traffic congestion in the town.

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