an analysis is given of the ages of drivers and riders involved in accidents at junctions. the junctions studied include samples of those controlled by traffic signals in outer london, urban major/minor junctions with different speed limits, and rural major/minor junctions. in particular, ages of drivers approaching on the major and minor roads have been examined. in general, accident involvement at junctions related to the amount of car travel was above average for the under 25 age group and for those of 65 years and over. at major/minor junctions there was a marked trend for accident involvement to increase with age on the minor road approaches in rural areas. older drivers were also more at risk though to a lesser extent on the minor road approaches in urban areas subject to speed limits of 30 or 40 mile/hour. the age factor was most marked for dual carriageways and the difficulties older drivers experience seem to be associated with "re-starting". (a)

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