this report describes an analysis of the road accidents involving personal injury that occurred in kenya in 1972. nairobi province was found to have the greatest number of accidents and casualties but the rates per million vehicle kilometres were lowest in this province. fourteen per cent of all casualties were fatal which is a high fatality rate compared with countries in western europe and north america. this may be a reflection of the likelihood that in kenya non-fatal personal injury accidents may not be as well recorded as fatal accidents. the proportion of all casualties that were occupants of commercial vehicles was very much higher in kenya than in europe. the number of accidents involving two vehicles were proportionately lower than in great britain whereas there were proportionately more vehicle-pedestrian and single-vehicle accidents in kenya than in britain. the incidence of single-vehicle accidents was particularly high in rural areas. accident rates on murram (ie gravel surfaced) roads were found to be very high in relation to the volume of traffic carried by these roads.(a)

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