this report defines the content and method of a study of the effects of the introduction of the tyne and wear metro and the reorganisation of bus services to complement the metro and provide an integrated public transport system. the aim of the study is to identify and quantify the effects of changes in the public transport system on travel behaviour, activities and land use in the area concerned. the results of the study are intended to assist central government in future decisions on policy towards the public transport, the tyne and wear county council in transport and land use planning and expenditure decisions within the county, the tyne and wear pte with operating and marketing aspects of the system, the district councils within the county when considering land use planning and development decisions, and transport planners for local authorities elsewhere in the uk by providing information on the effects of improvements to public transport. the statistical reliability of the study is discussed: overall, it is hoped to detect changes in major factors (such as public transport trip rate) of 10 per cent with a confidence of at least 90 per cent.(a)

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