terrestrial photogrammetry has been used to make detailed plans of landslides in the mountainous areas of colombia and nepal. plans were produced at scales between 1:200 and 1:10000 with contour intervals between 0.5 and 5 metres. an analysis of cost showed that the technique permitted substantial savings to be made in time and effort compared with more conventional survey methods, particularly in the field work where cost reduction factors of 7.5 were recorded. a simplified technique involving a hasselblad camera modified to take a reseau has been used to provide slope profiles of unstable ground. most of the plans were produced using a range of photogrammetric plotters to provide contours but analytical techniques were used to plot the hasselblad work and for measuring a building which had deformed due to adjacent tunnelling operations. the measurements obtained from the terrestrial photogrammetry provided a useful addition to information produced by other methods of survey.(a)

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