the techniques of good surface dressing have been developed over many years of experiment and of practical application; they are described in detail in road note no 39. various british standards specify the properties demanded of the materials and the requirements of plant. in the past, however, the organisation and execution of programmes of surface dressing have received less attention than they merit if the reliable quality and length of life of a good surface dressing are to be consistently attained. various aspects of surface dressing have been described from time to time in different publications and there is a considerable body of knowledge that is not published in easily accessible form. this guide represents an attempt to assemble in one volume advice, gathered from many sources, on good practice in the planning, management and execution of surface dressing operations. no attempt is made to supplant publications describing the techniques of surface dressing, the standard specifications for materials and plant, or the regulations concerning the safety of operations and of traffic. the guide makes extensive reference to these documents as well as to other published material. the guide was written at the request, and with the continued encouragement, of the joint trrl/local highway authorities working party on highway maintenance, firstly under the chairmanship of mr b w mansell, county surveyor of cornwall and more recently under the chairmanship of mr v a knight, director of highways and transportation, cheshire. it is intended for the information of all concerned with road surface dressing work and especially for the guidance of managers and supervisors of surface-dressing programmes.(a)

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