this report describes a full-scale pavement-design experiment built into an industrial link-road at grangemouth, stirlingshire, to study the lives of bases used in stage construction. the performance of 4 sections with 10-year-design lives will be compared with a control section having a 20-year-design life. the types of base used were rolled asphalt, dense bitumen macadam, lean concrete and slag wet-mix macadam. an examination of the expected traffic showed that the western side of the two-lane road will carry 20000 mg per day of heavy commercial traffic in one direction, mostly loaded oil tankers, with a damaging power equivalent to 1 x 1000000 standard (8200 kg) axle loads per year. the type and weight of traffic will provide results very rapidly. the conditions of the subgrade and pavement courses have been carefully recorded and the results of the physical measurements made will be used as datum values when monitoring the long-term performance of the road. all the materials used in the experiment were check-tested for compliance with the specification. generally, close agreement was achieved. the level tolerances of each layer of the road pavement were tighter than normally required and good agreement with the permitted tolerances was achieved. (a)

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