Traffic calming is now a well known concept in the UK and it has proved successful in reducing the number of accidents where schemes have been installed. This Literature Review identifies the most frequently implemented traffic calming measures in the UK. Road humps are still the most popular calming measures but other measures can provide acceptable speed reductions for higher flow roads. With the introduction of the National Air Quality Strategy, some authorities may have to take remedial action where air quality objectives are not likely to be met. Such action may include the better management of traffic. Traffic calming has been identified as an approach that may influence emissions from road vehicles, and the Review describes the main steps in the assessment of the impact of traffic calming on vehicle emissions. This includes an examination of the changes in driver behaviour imposed by schemes, and a summary of research on the changes in emissions associated with traffic calming. There is currently only limited agreement on the effects of traffic calming schemes on vehicle emissions. The problems that traffic calming can introduce for public service vehicle operators and the emergency services are also mentioned briefly. (A)

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