The Transport Research Laboratory has monitored two Cycle Challenge schemes designed to encourage the use of bicycles for journeys to and from school. The scheme in Warwick involved the installation of bicycle parking stands at three schools and the introduction of cycle permits. In the London Borough of Waltham Forest cycle stands were installed at 12 schools, Bike to School Packs were distributed and a cycle training programme was initiated. Both schemes aimed to raise cycling awareness and to make it easier and safer to use a bicycle for school journeys. The monitoring exercise has included questionnaire surveys and discussion groups carried out at two schools, one in Warwick and one in Waltham Forest. Local authority representatives, teachers and trainers have also been interviewed. The study has examined the various elements of each scheme and found that some have proved more workable than others. Basic requirements of a successful scheme appear to be a considerable amount of hard work on the part of the adults involved, and the ability to persuade youngsters that cycling is a 'fun' activity. (A)

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