This report describes the evaluation of a cycling initiative, Bikeabout, which is part of a wider University Mobility Policy, aiming to reduce car use by staff and students of the University of Portsmouth. The scheme was implemented and evaluated as part of the ENTRANCE project. The aim of Bikeabout was to use new technology to provide self-regulated access to a pool of bicycles and provide improved cycle infrastructure and facilities on selected routes and at key destinations. The cycle pool scheme was evaluated by means of 'before and after' surveys of students and staff at the University of Portsmouth. The evaluation shortly after the scheme was launched showed that there was a small shift of journeys from car to cycle, but only modest savings in fuel consumption and pollutant emissions were achieved. For the scheme to be economically viable, a greater transfer from cars would be required, as this is where the majority of benefits would be expected, particularly in respect of savings in fuel and vehicle operating costs. Bikeabout included the implementation of a continuous east-west cycle route between the Guildhall and Milton sites and this together with the cycle route expansion programme across the urban area appears to have helped to bring about a marked increase in the proportion of students cycling to the University. (A)

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