Automobile glazing security has become an increasingly important topic, since the advances in other areas of security, such as door locks, immobilisers and alarms have improved disproportionately compared with glazing. Thus, the traditional toughened glazing fitted to the side and rear windows has become an increasingly obvious target for thieves. Laminated glazing has been shown to increase security and the past disadvantages that precluded its fitment do not currently apply. Therefore, it seems likely that laminated glazing may be fitted as standard equipment to all vehicles in the future. This report has tested laminated glazing, toughened and plastic film-covered toughened glass against the specification of BS AU 209 Part 4: 1995, the Standard applicable to glazing security. The results of these tests have been examined so as to assess the performance of the glazing types and also the test methods and criteria described by the Standard itself. In addition, the implications for occupant safety have been thoroughly assessed. (A)

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