Quiet Lanes are an initiative of the Countryside Agency, supported by the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions (DTLR). They form a network of country lanes, suitable for use by walkers, cyclists and equestrians as well as by motor vehicles. Their aim is to help preserve the character and tranquillity of rural areas and to encourage an increase in non-motorised users, whilst maintaining vehicular access. The intention is to make motorists more aware of non-motorised users, and, over time, to reduce the number and speed of motor vehicles, changing the 'hearts and minds' of local residents rather than lowering the speed limit or using physical measures for enforcement. Two pilot projects are being supported by the Countryside Agency, in West Kent (Greensand Ridge) and north Norfolk. In conjunction with the County Councils, TRL has undertaken the 'before' monitoring of traffic flows and speeds, as well as attitudinal surveys concerning the schemes on behalf of DTLR's Charging and Local Transport Division. This report mainly discusses the Kent scheme. (A)

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