This report has been produced by TRL as a result of collaboration between the Quarry Products Association, Refined Bitumen Association and Highways Agency. The report provides guidance on the construction, assessment and maintenance of pavements that are not expected to experience structural deterioration, commonly referred to as long-life pavements. In order to apply the long-life pavement concept to a wider range of pavements, the concept of robust pavements has been introduced. Robust pavements are expected to deteriorate in a similar fashion and demonstrate similar characteristics to long-life pavements, with the exception that they can be thinner and carry a higher risk of structural deterioration than long-life pavements. This additional risk can be mitigated by the appropriate adjustment of maintenance assessment strategies. Enhanced advice for the assessment and upgrading of robust and long-life pavements is proposed. This advice complements the existing Highways Agency practices and it extends the applicability of the concept beyond the trunk road network. Maintenance treatments that are suitable for robust and long-life pavements are listed and novel treatments are presented that offer the opportunity to maintain long-life pavements in a more efficient and sustainable manner. This guidance will enable more accurate future budgeting of maintenance funds and assist highway engineers in the maintenance decision process.

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